Privacy Policy

Hello there,

If you are reading this, you are probably interested in what we do with any details we store about you. So, with a mind to keep this short and simple, please find below a list of what we do with your data:

In Lines:

  • We save your Facebook ID (a number related to your account, no actual details about you)
  • Your high scores (so we can share your scores with your friends and your progress across devices)
    Your helpers (only for the Facebook version)


  • Ummmm… we don’t store your details what so ever!

That’s it. We never store anything personal, so no shoe size information or anything like that. We also promise not to use any details for something nefarious like world domination. Hell, we don’t even post to your feeds with out permission – we are super nice like that!

Any questions? Drop us a line at and we shall do our best to sort you out.

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