Dark ★ Star is an epic shoot-em-up, in spaaaaaaace! Bob and weave through waves of bad guys and bosses that are just begging to be blown away. Barrel-roll through space and time as you pilot spaceships to fat scores, all the while trying to make everything in the universe explode.

Windows Phone

Available on the Apple App Store

Inspired by classic arcade games from the 80’s and 90’s, Dark ★ Star recaptures that same addictive gameplay but with graphics that finally live up to what those old box arts promised.


  • Fancy 3D graphics and effects
  • All the brilliance and frustration of old-school arcade style challenges
  • Unique ‘use as many fingers as you please’ controls
  • Upgradable and unlockable spaceships
  • Shoot down enemy ships, clear space junk, dodge missiles and take on giant battle cruisers!

Loads of updates planned for the future – more environments, more ships and more things to explode coming soon. This is a game that will keep on giving. Got an opinion on what we should include in the next update? Drop us a line at darkstar@thatwonderfullemon.co
Once you own Dark ★ Star you’ll get all updates, fixes and new content for free, forever.

On Apple devices, you’ll need an iPhone 5 / iPad Air or newer to play Dark ★ Star.

On Windows 10 devices you’ll need at least a Lumia 950 or a PC to play.

Check out some screenshots and this gameplay montage:

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